Trow & Holden Leverages Baxter Robot to Support Highly Specialized...

Trow & Holden Leverages Baxter Robot to Support Highly Specialized Customer Needs

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: Trow & Holden, provider of highest quality and widest variety of stonecutting tools, has integrated with Rethink Robotics’ Baxter Robot into its production lines to increase the productivity and improve workforce flexibility.

With Baxter as a workforce multiplier, Trow & Holden will meet the demands of large customer base with specialized needs and is now successfully competing with larger providers. By this integration Trow & Holden has been able to move its employees into supervisory roles and has accelerated efficiency. Baxter will execute a four-step process when it’s working under harsh conditions like: removing tools from a fixture, placing the tool into a heat-treating induction coil, activating the heat by pressing a button, and then removing the tool and placing it into a cooling bath.

“Manufacturers that are slow to embrace collaborative robots and other enabling technologies will lose significant ground to competitors willing to make that move. Baxter is helping us stay ahead of the curve, offering a smart, flexible solution that is improving our production process immensely,” says Norman Akley, president at Trow & Holden.

Baxter takes a revolutionary approach to programming, with a full-fledged manual training process that a non-technical or in-house staff can master in a very little time.  Also, Baxter has various benefits such as easily integrated, adaptive, safe, flexible, re-deployable, affordable and extensible. 

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