Various Wireless Internet of Things (IoT) Services and Networks

Various Wireless Internet of Things (IoT) Services and Networks

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, February 25, 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) devices and networks are growing at a compound annual rate (CAGR) of 16.3 percent. The annual shipments of wireless devices for industrial automation applications have reached 4.6 million units globally.

Advanced wireless IoT networking solutions use applications like sensors and control systems for industrial communications. The core purpose of a wireless connection through IoT devices is error-free communication. From smartphones to superfast computers, Wi-fi technology, Bluetooth, satellite communication, IR wireless communication, and broadcast radio are some wireless communications widely used.

Few Wireless Technology Companies: (NAS Wireless,PRYME,Red Lion)

AI-enabled IoT networks are enabling operators to monitor and optimize processes and ensure secured work. Companies like Cisco, Siemens, Moxa and Phoenix Contact, offer wireless access points along with wired solutions. These enterprises also give comprehensive portfolios of industrial wireless devices such as routers, adaptors and so on.

In addition to numerous wireless technologies, point-to-point microwave links and broadcast radio, wireless appliances are also commonly increasing. Based on fixed mobility, stationary and portable mobiles, wireless technology is enhancing its voice and data applications.

The market of wireless technology has the advantages to ease integration and provide useful network resources, mobility and expanding consumer wireless networks. Wireless networks are cost less for maintenance and installation compared to wired technologies enabling reconfigurable manufacturing system design.

Reliability and security remain a challenge, but large industrial companies trend to deploy private 4G LTE networks and wired solutions.  Wimax, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, and 4G are some of the essential fast growing technologies in telecommunication markets. All these technologies have advancements in wireless data transmission systems which carry electromagnetic waves to transmit data over long distances within a short period.

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