Walvax Biotechnology to Adopt Werum PAS-X MES from Korber

Walvax Biotechnology to Adopt Werum PAS-X MES from Korber

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, September 11, 2020

Walvax Biotechnology has collaborated with Korber to implement Werum PAS-X MES in their Yuxi plant developed for vaccine production.

FREMONT, CA: Korber and Walvax Biotechnology have reached an agreement about implementing Werum PAS-X MES in their Yuxi plant developed for vaccine production. It is the world's most extensive manufacturing execution system (MES) for pharma, biotech, and cell and gene therapy manufacturing. By launching the PAS-X MES, Walvax has taken a significant step in introducing its digital journey.

As an essential part of their future digital factory, Werum PAS-X will manage the filling and packaging procedures and guide the shop floor operators. The arrangement will ensure that accurate operation and recording are being conducted while enhancing the efficiency of production, compliance, and data integrity. It will also be advantageous for Walvax due to the production control strategies identified by international standards and leading industry trends.

Mr. Huang Zhen, President of Walvax Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Yuxi, says, "I am very pleased that we cooperate with Korber.Werum PAS-X MES is well-known in the industry and we are looking forward to the implementation of this MES. With PAS-X, Walvax will be able to gain advantages in terms of compliance, process standardization and acceleration of batch release."

Jerry Zheng, General Manager Shanghai in the Korber Business Area Pharma, stated, "We are honored to provide our PAS-X MES to Walvax, contributing to their worlds first-class vaccine shop floor.Walvax is one of the biggest manufacturers of vaccines in China. We are sure that PAS-X will greatly improve Walvax shop floor operations and quality systems."

Werum PAS-X will offer a one-stop record tracking and review platform for the entire procedure, which will considerably enhance the batch's speed and provide the basis of track & trace for the products in the future. PAS-X will also control the on-site machines, instruments, containers, and rooms in electronic equipment logbooks to ensure they are clean and standardized. PAS-X is also expected to incorporate the ERP system in the future.

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