Ways Chatbots can Break into the Manufacturing Industry

Ways Chatbots can Break into the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, June 06, 2019

The manufacturing sector stands to gain from every technological advance they can use, and chatbots can provide them with significant advantages. Leveraging potentials of chatbot in manufacturing can be a perfect solution to automate manufacturing activities ranging from the supply chain to the core manufacturing floor and order fulfillment.

Manufacturing companies are expected to increase their production efficiency fueled with evolving product preferences. On time deliveries alone cannot add to customer satisfaction levels, brand loyalty, and reputation. Chatbots, being integrated into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and CRM software, can find the required information from the application and provide it to the user instantly. Employees can then organize multiple tasks and execute follow up activities seamlessly.

In need for raw materials in bulk manufacturers have to engage with multiple vendors. Since the manufacturing process highly relies on the availability of product parts firms should wisely select the right vendors. Chatbots can take up the task of researching before choosing the right vendor, which otherwise can eat up a tremendous amount of time. AI-powered chatbots can get in touch with vendors and interact with them to understand their services and make decisions on whether a vendor is right or not. Even chatbots can negotiate with the vendor and close the deal at a better price.

Chatbots, when integrated with existing ERM software, can offer insights to employees about the pending order details. By asking simple queries, managers or employees cab obtain real-time information about manufacturing or shipping activities.

Maintenance crew in a manufacturing plant is responsible for workplace safety. It is essential that the authorities monitor the work environment for the employee’s well-being and the company’s growth. Chatbots can provide information about any asset and every vital safety information available at one single platform will enable the maintenance crew to take necessary action.

Human resources department in a manufacturing firm is expected to take care of all activities and manage everything for the continued growth of the company. A chatbot can act as an incredible solution to this end, that will help HRs with their operations. It can give instant replies on employee’s personal information, their performance graph, work progress reviews, salary slips, attendance tracking to HRs whenever required. Also, when trained with relevant information, chatbots can provide rich knowledge of strategies that will bring in more profits.

Considering the above use cases, one can confidently conclude that chatbots in manufacturing are the next big thing for the sector. It is recommended, for manufacturers to work with a strategic partner to develop a bot roadmap to discover high impact uses within the organization.

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