Ways to secure ERP applications by leveraging emerging technologies

Ways to secure ERP applications by leveraging emerging technologies

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, March 22, 2019

Technology has been creating a revolution in the business industry. As the emerging tech up gradations and innovations step into the market, business enterprises tend to focus on adopting these new concepts to not only simplify the existing business model but also to optimize the resources allocation and strategize solutions for operational complications. While an organization updates its enterprise resource planning (ERP) methods and remains intact with the advancements in technology, security is a factor that is considered to be the prime concern. Why is it essential to secure ERP applications? Businesses often seem to be alluring for hackers to attack and pull out the organizations' critical data. A small glitch in the security system can be a big opportunity for the intruders to invade the business information. Here are some ideas to secure ERP applications.

• Ensure software compliance

ERP systems generally contain critical enterprise-level details, which needs to be accessed by the employees in the network. It is critical to ensure that the data is stored on a platform which complies with the security codes and passwords, used to enter the platform and access the data. Also, ensuring system compliance with vendor-specific applications plays a significant role.    

• Upgrade authentication methods

Adopting two-factor authentication (2FA) method broadens the scope of security as cracking the first level of protection might be simple but not the next level of it. Very important, mission-critical and confidential data can be stored using this method.   

• Detect and handle unauthorized accesses

Hackers continuously attempt to gain access to the enterprise resource planning ecosystem. Such unauthorized accesses can be prevented by securing the data imports and exports using dual security firewalls. Leveraging cloud computing methods with cybersecurity algorithms help in securing the ERP protocols of the enterprise.  

Along with all the other responsibilities, valuing and managing the company’s employees is crucial as it helps in attaining the desired outcome as per the mission of the organization. Securing enterprise resource planning systems are quintessential for an enterprise to set a benchmark in the market.    

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