What does the Business prefer AI or RPA or the Convergence of Both?

What does the Business prefer AI or RPA or the Convergence of Both?

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, February 22, 2019

Businesses are moving towards automation of the processes as new services are being introduced every day under the automation term. Enterprises are looking forward to investing either in Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Robotic Process Automation (RPA) depending on their needs, expectations, and budgets.

AI for Business Needs

AI is one of the most hyped technological innovations and is proving that it is worth the hype. Businesses can find tools for any solutions they use or any activity their business performs; the business landscape is not wasting time in bringing AI to the mainstream. AI innovation is the answer for anything- be it customer-related queries by chatbots, scheduling activities, lead generation tools and for even checking the content. On the other side, Robotic Process Automation is used to automate routine tasks and is cheap as compared to AI and is more effective as compared to humans. It is highly effective at performing repetitive tasks. Unlike AI’s subset machine learning that can comprehend past behavior RPA certainly cannot do that.

Why is RPA essential for Businesses?

RPA software can be tremendously helpful in performing repetitive tasks. This technology is entirely capable of interacting in a human-like manner as the robotics mimic human behavior by performing mundane tasks such as completing electronic forms, opening emails and attachments. As RPA technology relies on the user interface, any amendments to the software invalidate the RPA technology, and this is a significant drawback.

However, many industries like transport, finance, and banking, government, and retail are seriously considering RPA deployment as it can perform complex processes efficiently. This technology can be beneficial for the employees as most of the tasks will be automated. Apart from automation, RPA can also contribute to employee retention, enhanced customer satisfaction and greater efficacy for business transactions.

Opting for AI or RPA is a choice. However, the convergence of the two technologies can be beneficial for industries depending upon their requirements. As AI implementation works best for when a functional structure is already in place, RPA performs that and can be infused with the AI technology at a later stage.

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