What's Driving the Motion Control Systems Space

What's Driving the Motion Control Systems Space

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, July 21, 2020

FREMONT, CA: The motion-control system market is to grow in the coming years. Here’s what that makes the noise.

The motion control industry will grow exponentially in the forthcoming years. The sector witnessed a sea change during the forecast period, and the pace of technological transformation only continues to gather steam.

The highest demand for this technology is coming from the semiconductor and electronics, electrical, and automotive industries. On a more general note, the metal and machinery manufacturing, as well as the assembly/disassembly applications, are holding the lion’s share of the motion control market.

The motion control industry is getting outsmarted, more capable and more productive with time on account of the growing use of high-grade automatic equipment, machine tools, high-level medical equipment, sensors, and many others. The rising concerns for industrial safety have also paved the way for the real growth of this industry.

Top 10 Motion Control Systems Companies in APAC - 2020Let’s have a glance over the key factors influencing the radical growth of the motion control market.

Expanded Automation Adoption and Globalization

The massive expansion of the Automation industry, combined with the substantial rise in globalization, has widened the potential market for the motion control technology. The Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing regional market for the motion control systems at present, due to the presence of emerging economies such as China, Japan, Brazil, and India, among others. Rapid economic development in these evolving economies is also playing a pivotal role in the growth of this market.

Ease of Use

Motion control equipment is easier to use and more comfortable to integrate with the existing systems compared to the other types of equipment. This ease of handling makes the motion control technology one of the top favourites of the manufactures and the front-runner in the developing technology spaces.

Industrial Safety Concerns

More often, safety is considered as a productivity tool in today’s industrial environment. Robots with motion control technology, particularly the collaborative robotics, ameliorate the safety in manufacturing. In such wise, the growing concerns over the industrial safety escalate the demand of the motion control technology and providing it with a better market space.

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