Why Facilities must Use Industrial Water Filtration System

Why Facilities must Use Industrial Water Filtration System

Laura Davis, Manufacturing Technology Insights | Sunday, May 08, 2022

To ensure that the facility can function effectively, water quality in any industrial facility can be necessary.

FREMONT, CA: In plants, industrial water filtration systems can eliminate most pollutants from the water. For several different kinds of industries, filtration is important because fouling problems and corrosion can occur when pollutants increase in the water, which can make your equipment less effective. It's also likely that some industrial equipment might eventually be affected by untreated water, which can be very expensive to repair.

Advantages of filtration for industrial applications include:

• Least exposure to hazardous chemicals

• Maintenance cost reduction

• Reduced costs for effluentTop Industrial Filtration Solution Companies

• Lengthier equipment life

Industrial Filtration Systems Types

Pipeline/basket strainers – Closed water filtration systems that capture pollutants using a mesh screen or perforated-plate screen that can be removed are pipeline/basket strainers.

Automatic self-cleaning strainers – This is a self-cleaning device that traps debris before the system is raised to absolute pressure, after which a flush valve will be opened to remove the contaminants. Automatic self-cleaning strainers.

Ultraviolet purification- This water filtration method uses ultraviolet light to destroy the pollutants' DNA in the water.

Bag filters- These are basic industrial filters that work much like coffee filters and can trap any particles and solids in the water flowing through the filter.

Reverse osmosis- This kind of water filtration device uses reverse osmosis to filter the water, requiring a semi-permeable membrane.

There is a myriad of industries that benefit from systems for water filtration. The sectors that benefit the most from industrial filtration systems for water include:

• Food and beverage industry

• Plastics industry

• Oil/gas production industry

• Paper manufacturing

• Electronics manufacturing

• Medical industry

• Biotech industry

• Chemical production industry

• Automotive industry

There are many aspects to consider when thinking about buying an industrial water filtration device for a facility to make an educated purchasing decision. More advanced filtration systems are ideal for low flow rates. An industrial water filtration device is probably right for the company if the requirement is to filter hundreds of thousands of gallons of water every day.

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