Why Is Precision Manufacturing Important?

Why Is Precision Manufacturing Important?

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, February 17, 2021

With precision manufacturing, manufacturers can take almost any project, make it a reality while meeting tolerances, manage budgets, and ensure that the production deadlines are met.

FREMONT, CA: Unlike some of the sector trends, precision manufacturing can completely revamp how a range of industries function, enabling to cut costs while simultaneously boosting efficiency, tightening tolerances, and offering a more reliable way of producing parts. The technology has shaped several industries, including automotive, aerospace, and medicine. As more firms discover opportunities for using it, precision manufacturing might become even more prominent than it is today. But why is precision manufacturing so effective? Learn more here.

Precision manufacturing focuses on the design and development of highly accurate components. Precision manufacturing takes the intent and design and converts it into 

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a workable component. High dimensional accuracy is its primary concern characterized by parts with high tolerances. Engineering focuses on the size of the device's component, while precision manufacturing is concerned with the production of the part as designed and specified. Manufacturers are under constant pressure to manage profitability despite reduced prices and faster time to market. After all, time saved in developing a product can add sales time and millions of dollars of additional revenue.

Precision manufacturing technology enables producing parts and products with an accuracy that's hard to match by other methods. Entire industries have leaped forward because precision manufacturing lets companies produce parts with very tight tolerances in areas where even the slightest deviation was not a choice. The technology also has great options for automation, using CNC machining technology to mitigate the need for manual labor and minimize human error chances, which further adds to the precision and accuracy of the method.

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Using innovative design and manufacturing tools, manual work can be reduced. That means that the design process that was utilized to take months to complete can now be gained in months or even weeks, completely transforming how organizations approach production and map out their product launch schedule. The automated operations use CNC machining technology to perform repetitive activities with impeccable accuracy each time, generating parts with tight tolerances and ensuring that the components remain consistent even when doing larger runs.

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