Why is the Demand for Robotic Automation Increasing Rapidly?

Why is the Demand for Robotic Automation Increasing Rapidly?

Laura Davis, Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, November 09, 2020

The demand for robotic automation increases among manufacturers because it increases productivity and brings efficiency to the system.

FREMONT, CA: According to the robotic industries association (RIA), as a segment of the association for advancing automation (A3), robot unit orders have increased by 1.6 percent compared to the earlier years. There are many companies worldwide that are ordering robots that can be utilized in their organization. The RIA mentioned that the demand for growth is rising rapidly due to the 50.5 percent increase in automotive OEMs orders and a 16.6 percent increase from the plastic and rubber industry.

The production machining editors have come across evidence of precision machine shops whose interests have increased in robots. Such automation that can work continuously can increase the capacity by taking advantage of the presently unavailable time, such as weekends and nights. It is also becoming difficult for various industries to find skilled employees. The companies' current set of talented employees has become extremely valuable and needs to maintain that value. The robots will also help the shops to maintain steady production whenever the employees are unavailable for work, and today it can be a reality due to the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak. Although high-production manufacturing plants are the natural candidates for robotic automation, many small shops have also started to apply it in their tasks.

Nowadays, robots have become more intelligent and faster than they were ever before. As demonstrated with high-speed and high-definition cameras, the new vision technology provides enhanced part recognition ability for picking operations. Offline robot programming tools are also becoming more powerful and intuitive. Many robots can work safely, along with employees. In the present days, the manufacturing robots are utilizing collaborative robots that are commonly known as cobots. The cobots use sensor technology that helps them function safely along with the humans in a familiar work environment. It means that the companies will not require isolating fencing to separate the employees and robots.

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