Why Smart-Driven Quality Assurance is a Must in Die Casting Industry?

Why Smart-Driven Quality Assurance is a Must in Die Casting Industry?

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, June 19, 2020

Quality assurance and traceability are essential for die casting foundries. The requirements for die cast parts proceed to grow, along with the demands for testing technology.

FREMONT, CA: The modern die casting industry is certified according to its quality management system. Numerous test methods are available to control the extent to which the products meet the customer's specifications. Such a system documents these companies' ability to meet customer-specific and regulatory conditions and is an essential part of getting orders. Matters such as quality assurance and traceability are of primary essentials.

The matter relates to controlling the entire production procedures is with the various test methods, documenting the test results. It ultimately makes sure that only those cast parts are delivered which meet the quality-related terms of the customers, and thus only right parts in terms of quality leave a die casting industry. Nonetheless, a die casting foundry meets customer issues. It is helpful to trace back the production process of a complained part to the origin of the processed raw materials and thus be able to detect the cause of the fault and the source.

Top 10 Metal Manufacturing Solution Companies - 2019Quality assurance contains the complete production process, from testing the incoming raw materials at the receiving area via all production and processing steps and the setting of the machines used for production up to the final check and the shipment of the finished cast parts.

Details of the extent of a quality test, processes, the devices used for it, and the test conditions are usually determined by a die casting foundry and its customer before accepting the order. Any possible later errors derived from cross-checks by the customer can be withdrawn. These are then handed to the customer to inform him about the tests and their results.

The increasing demands on the quality of die-cast parts have the consequence that the test methods are continuously being further developed. The quality assurance of die casting foundry depends on quality-conscious as well as on the well-trained employees.

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