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Roger Shantz, Director of Business Development, Park DerochieRoger Shantz, Director of Business Development
Structural integrity is one of the many vital prerequisites within the manufacturing space, be it for any product, infrastructure, or machinery; corrosion is an equally strong deterrent to such assets. Consider the example of a major Canadian power company, which relies on a dam for its cooling water supply to ensure machinery at optimal efficiency. The 1900 feet long, six feet wide pipe buried 20 feet below the surface lost its structural integrity and needed the best, most cost-effective solution. The responsibility of providing a definitive resolution to this conundrum fell into the hands of Park Derochie—specialists in industrial coatings, scaffolding, insulations, and fireproofing. Upon engaging with the client, Park Derochie was able to refurbish the pipe with a carbon fiber coating system inside the interior pipe walls. It collaborated with a carbon fiber manufacturing company and delivered an engineered solution that prevented the coating issues and improved the pipe’s structural integrity. Such examples highlight the importance of resilient coating solutions and the prowess of Park Derochie.

With the wide range of services, Park Derochie can offer an industry-leading perspective into consultation, program integration, execution and management. The company offers a complete Corrosion under Insulation (CUI) program through live refinery and upgrader chemical units on various pipe sizes, pressure vessels, and towers. Besides these, the company also provides services tailored to scaffold containment, abrasive blasting, Thermally Sprayed Aluminum (TSA) coatings, as well as other thermal sprayed coatings (TSC) such as Zinc. Partnering with Park Derochie provides a significant end-to-end benefit, wherein the value-added through the coating is carried through the project’s life cycles.

The engagement with the company begins with bidding, followed by a safe execution of the project to meet the required quality standards and exceed them, thereby ensuring maximum return on investments.

Park Derochie works closely with the paint manufacturers to ascertain the best coating to serve clients’ needs by determining all necessary criteria; these include the internal and external temperatures, environmental conditions, erosion factors, life expectancy of the coating, cure time, and more. Besides, the company is committed to supplying trained, skilled labor with its internal academy training system powered by NACE level 1, 2, and 3 certified coating inspectors. From the services standpoint, Park Derochie is guided by ISO 9001- 2000 certification standards and is the only Canadian company to concurrently hold the four AAMP (formerly SSPC) qualifications. The company holds QP1 for field application of coatings, QP2 for industrial hazardous paint removal, QP3 for shop application of protective coatings and QP6 for metalizing (TSA).

Secondly, the company even features an in-house proprietary IT system for job tracking and invoicing, which is an online portal individually tailored to each client’s needs. The system consists of summarized project cost-to-date, tailored reporting that could be categorized across work order, location, or job number.

Lastly, Part Derochie’s state-of-the-art blast booth function can recycle the blast media over 50 times, thus saving time and costs. Alternately, the semi-autonomous platform reduces the handling of the steel to one time - between offloading the steel to reloading the finished product, thereby eliminating the handling time. The company also boasts of an engineered downdraft airflow system for paint booths that control the over-spray path, reducing the cure times of the coating process. Such a display of efficiency and productivity differentiates Park Derochie from other players in the market.

  • With the wide range of services we provide, we’re able to offer an industry-leading perspective for complete program integration, execution, and management

With such unmatched capabilities, Park Derochie has expanded its operations across Canada to different locations in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario to have a wide coverage of its operations. The company continues to execute coating projects in various industries, including shipyards, water waste, water treatment facilities, oil and gas pipelines, uranium mines, potash mines, and more.
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Park Derochie

Park Derochie

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Roger Shantz, Director of Business Development

Park Derochie is Canada’s premier specialty-trade industrial contractor in all forms of Industrial Coatings, Fireproofing, Mechanical Insulation, Scaffolding, Abrasive Blasting, Containment, and Maintenance Programs.