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Plastic Molding Manufacturing (PMM): Assuring Excellence in Manufacturing Polymer-Based Products

George Danis, CEO of PMM, Plastic Molding Manufacturing (PMM)George Danis, CEO of PMM
Rapid advancements in material science have triggered the development of various plastics, radically increasing their consumption. As plastics continue to become an invaluable commodity, there is a natural shift toward more productive manufacturing methods that can lower production costs. And although many companies have discovered offshore manufacturing as the best option to reduce production costs, the quality risks associated with manufacturing overseas often overshadow any benefits. Consequently, in recent years, companies are investing heavily in reshoring manufacturing back to the U.S. instead of sending their business to China, Vietnam, the Philippines, or other Asian countries. Plastic Molding Manufacturing (PMM), a manufacturing solution company for polymer-based products, does exactly the same. The company has made it its mission to honor manufacturing by providing economic growth, employment, and production resources within the USA. “By bringing manufacturing back to America, we provide our people with more job opportunities in the manufacturing sector,” mentions George Danis, CEO of PMM.
For decades, China has been the center of low-cost manufacturing. However, as factories in Asia shut their doors amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses around the globe have been forced to reconsider native-owned manufacturing companies. Moreover, the virus has highlighted the fragility of global supply chains, intensifying the need for a domestic manufacturing partner like PMM. The company handles its clients’ diverse manufacturing requirements to deliver products in a timely manner. As a native-owned business, cultural and communication barriers never interfere with business at PMM. For that reason, companies can reduce the time to market significantly. Their state-of-the-art facilities are employed with microscopic cameras for product sampling to facilitate effective communication with their clients. This capability enables a customer located anywhere in the country to gain a real-time view of their products manufactured at any of PMM’s factories.

By bringing manufacturing back to America, we provide our people with more job opportunities in the manufacturing sector

PMM assists customers in their early stages of concept development by offering a cost-effective manufacturing process. The company leverages its expertise in tooling design to speed up the manufacturing process and helps them throughout the product lifecycle. Furthermore, PMM ensures to deliver uninterrupted supply even during challenging situations. Last year, PMM was able to keep its factories operational and continue the business without interruptions in the wake of the pandemic. While doing so, the company followed stringent guidelines laid out by various federal agencies to ensure safety.

Material shortage never hinders their manufacturing process as they maintain continuous supply throughout the year. Moreover, as PMM owns four facilities in the country, they can move the production to any one of their plants in the event of a manufacturing downtime and maintain uninterrupted production.

As a leader in the custom molding industry, PMM works closely with its customers to simplify the manufacturing process, eliminate secondary operations and costs, and improve product quality. PMM’s quality certifications represent more than registration by accrediting agencies; its process-driven culture aims at systemic quality and continual improvement.
Currently, the company serves a diverse clientele working in various sectors, including automobile, medical, commercial industry, military, and more. Moving ahead, PMM plans to expand its national footprint by setting up new facilities in the Carolinas, Georgia, Texas, and Indiana. With that, they plan to address the manufacturing challenges of their clients by leveraging the vast labor force available in those locations. The company also expects to address the rising unemployment in the country with this new expansion. “By bringing manufacturing back to the U.S, we lead the way in innovation and quality and make significant contributions to the nation’s economy,” says Danis.

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Plastic Molding Manufacturing (PMM)

Plastic Molding Manufacturing (PMM)

Hudson, MA

George Danis, CEO of PMM

Plastic Molding Manufacturing (PMM) is a manufacturing solution company for polymer-based products. The company has made its mission to honor manufacturing by providing economic growth, employment, and production resources in the country. The company is headquartered in Hudson, Massachusetts and operates 3 additional facilities in Berlin, CT, Lancaster, PA, and South Bend, IN. PMM offers customers with 120 injection molding machines ranging from 24 to 650 tons, 5 Two-Shot and an ISO Class 8 Certified Cleanroom. Serving all markets, we manufacture with all types of thermoplastics while also having experience in over-molding, insert-molding, two-shot molding, numerous secondary services, sub-assemblies, assemblies and final packaging