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Plastic Welding & Fabrication, Ltd.: Empowering Metal Finishers with Automation, Plastic Tank Fabrication, Furnaces, & Tank Heating Solutions.

Shaun P. Shoemake, Founder & Managing Partner, Plastic Welding & Fabrication, Ltd.Shaun P. Shoemake, Founder & Managing Partner
Shaun P. Shoemake founded Plastic Welding & Fabrication, Ltd. (PWF) in 2003 with the mission to provide onsite repairs of plastic tanks, consultation, and fabrication of small plastic projects, typically catering to the galvanizing and plating industry. Fast-forward to today, PWF has grown from performing plastic repairs to complete turnkey metal processing plants. PWF offers exceptional industrial-strength plastic products that are corrosion free and designed for high impact. “We have a duty to our customers, we offer the longest workmanship warranty in the industry on our products and are present for them and their success 24/7,” states Shoemake.

PWF now provides many more services and equipment to include Super Freestanding Plastic Process Tanks at over 70’ long, Galvanizing Plants that can produce 25,000# per hour, Furnaces, Tank Heating, Material handling automation, and more. PWF has all of the equipment to build the largest plastic tanks possible with in-house CNC, steel welding, butt fusion welding with corner technology, fusion bending, plate welding, sand blasting, and coal tar epoxy coating for a process tank that has a standard 2 year workmanship warranty.

Following stringent welding standards, all designs and welds are in accordance with the international plastic bonding and welding guidelines of the German Welding System (D.V.S). All custom manufactured tanks’ vertical corners and butt welds are produced by their thermal corner and butt fusion-welding machine that provides nearly 100 percent strength welds of the parent materials.

We believe that any system only becomes a worthwhile solution when it can achieve a targeted business objective

PWF has an aggressive marketing program, but still believes “word of mouth” advertising is the best venue for gaining new clients and is the most promising marketing strategy to ensure a level of trust from the beginning. In the first step of tank/plant design, PWF identifies the needs of the customer, accounts for the size, location, and product poundage before selecting the proper equipment to be fabricated. Being in the industry for more than one and a half decades, PWF has extensive experience to select the proper process equipment that best meets the needs of their client’s operation. Post finalizing the requirement, PWF produces the best possible product suited for their needs. “We are confident that our years of design and fabrication will allow for affordable and virtually maintenance-free solutions for our client’s process needs. Our team always works hard to solve the client’s problems and makes sure that they are satisfied with our selections,” mentions Shoemake.

In an instance, for example, PWF assisted one of the firms based in the US that was facing issues due to larger production volumes. PWF went in to redesign the plant according to the client requirement to achieve optimum efficiency. Fire Marshall requirements had to be interpreted and incorporated to new safety and compliance requirements. PWF was able to design and fabricate a PLC to automate several processes, so the facility complies, running more efficiently and had a larger output of finished product.

Working on the future, PWF has all the tools to provide fully automated material handling to go with process tanks, furnaces, tank heating solutions, and full plant design for the Galvanizing, Anodizing, and Plating Industries. These are exciting times!

Having outgrown their two-building warehouse, PWF is continuing to grow, but has not lost focus on on-site repairs and providing top-notch customer service that started the company.