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Regrello Group: De-siloing Supply Chain with Automation and Visibility

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Aman Naimat, CEO, Regrello GroupAman Naimat, CEO
Supply chain has always been perceived as a straightforward, linear, and 2-dimensional process. However, the recent supply chain conundrum, triggered by the pandemic and recent global events, has changed the paradigm. Businesses have realized that it is no longer the linear flow of products from producers to consumers; the modern supply chain is more networked, complex, and systematic. The situation necessitates organizations to gain multi-tier visibility into the supply chain based on real-time data, so they can react instantly.

“During the pandemic, I witnessed first-hand how the traditional transactional systems created visibility and collaboration issues within supply chain operations. As a data scientist and engineer, I decided to address this challenge. This thought led to the inception of Regrello Group in 2020,” says Aman Naimat, CEO, Regrello Group.

Regrello Group fosters collaboration and centralizes data across supply chain operations via its end-to-end workflow automation platform that provides multi-tier visibility. The platform acts as a unified network where contract manufacturers, logistics, operations, and supply chain teams collaborate. It further unifies supply chain operations that was historically siloed in ad-hoc email threads and excel files. They receive the high-level status of supply chain and operations at their fingertips, including insights on suppliers and process KPIs. This enables process optimization and streamlines backend operations.

Regrello Group’s flexible platform aligns with a business’ processes and seamlessly integrates with ERP systems to automate processes that were otherwise manual and time consuming, thereby offering solutions that fit an organization’s core practices. The platform is designed to allow clients and the extended manufacturing community to build solutions on top of it.

It has a customizable underlying no code workflow engine that helps clients roll out standard processes to fit their business practices. With its pre-built templates and toolsets, manufacturing directors and supply chain managers can modify workflow applications without their IT teams or third-party consulting firms rewriting or creating legacy codes. More importantly, the Regrello platform meets clients where they are. Businesses can leverage the platform to centralize data and still maintain their client communication through email or WeChat, something they are habituated with. It can also predict delays in lead times based on historical data and offer insights to optimize lead times.

“We call the platform the Google Maps for manufacturing. Users can have predictive visibility to understand the bottlenecks in the processes and improve them,” says Naimat.

  • During The Pandemic, I Witnessed First-Hand How The Traditional Transactional Systems Created Visibility And Collaboration Issues Within Supply Chain Operations. As A Data Scientist And Engineer, I Decided To Address This Challenge. This Thought Led To The Inception Of Regrello Group In 2020

Regrello Group understands that clients have to manage tons of documents, certifications, Excel files of supplier questionnaires, and manual assessments on a regular basis. The company, to this end, offers quality scores and supplier scores, making human processing efficient and less time-consuming. Regrello Group has hired experts from different industry verticals, including pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and electronics, to create workflows aligning with best practices. This community of experts helps clients know where to source parts and products worldwide.

Aligning with the demand of the post-pandemic era for faster implementation, Regrello Group’s platform is designed to go from zero to live in a week for mid-market and large organizations. This way, Regrello Group helps clients quickly address all their supply chain issues, making them more efficient and future-ready.

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Regrello Group

Regrello Group

San Francisco, CA

Aman Naimat, CEO

Regrello Group offers an automated workflow engine to enable manufacturing companies drive collaboration and standardize best practices across their supply chain and operations. Regrello Group’s platform has a customizable underlying no-code workflow engine that helps clients roll out standard processes to fit their business practices.