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Resch GmbH: Accelerating the Production of Prototypes

Gerald Resch, CEO, Resch GmbHGerald Resch, CEO
Turning an idea into a reality is never an easy task. It is, in fact, a long and complex process that involves numerous steps and a host of risks. Besides, not everybody possesses the skills, resources, time, and technology it takes to translate a concept into a scalable production opportunity. This is where having a partner like Resch GmbH that specialises in developing and producing prototypes makes all the difference. “From electrical engineering and medical technology to aerospace and music, making prototypes on demand is an art. And, we excel at it,” remarks Gerald Resch, CEO, Resch GmbH. In prototyping, the Austria-based company’s expertise spans everything from the basic CNC-milling and CNCturning to the most modern techniques that include friction stir welding, ultrasonic vitreous ceramic treatment as well as additive manufacturing of synthetic material and metal. “One of our core strengths is that we deliver a lot of state-of-the-art technology under one roof. This enables us to bring products to market as quickly as possible. Solving the unsolvable and with a high standard of quality is our primary goal,” adds Gerald.

In fact, one of the factors that sets Resch GmbH apart from others in the industry is its ability to help customers construct a product in an economical and efficient manner, in the shortest time possible. In an instance, the firm was able to deliver a product to a client in less than 18 days from the first contact. What makes this possible? Resch GmbH’s team. They manage the entire process—from the idea through development and production to the finished product—internally.

People, technology, and nature in harmony are the cornerstones of our self-image

“We work together with our partners to create products in areas of surface treatment, sheet metal production, cutting, welding, and standard parts production. Sometimes, clients need products in less than three weeks and we can cater to that demand seamlessly,” mentions Gerald. Resch GmbH takes things a notch higher by also offering computeraided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software tools for CNC programming, in addition to fixture construction, scan and reverse engineering, and completion services. For example, when it comes to the automobile sector, Resch GmbH’s services span all areas from fixture construction through motor mount to busbars for electromobility, and more.

Another notable aspect of Resch GmbH is its focus on building long-lasting relationships with its clients. The team connects deeply with customers, suppliers, and employees and firmly believes that the best way to have a great work is to work with great people. “People, technology, ad nature in harmony are the cornerstones of our selfimage,” remarks Gerald. A significant area of the company’s focus falls on ensuring that close to no damage is caused to the environment.

Even in the trying times of COVID-19, Resch GmbH strives to leave a mark in the industry. The team is currently working towards increasing process time and improving their technical skills and products. In their quest to further stand apart from competitors, Resch GmbH’s 3D printing experts are working on a new product—ceramic printers. Alongside, the firm is also looking to integrate automation into its offerings. “We take our customers’ trust seriously. Along with our partners, we aim to be a reliable all-in-one solution provider and guarantee to give our clients the highest quality in all our services and solutions,” concludes Gerald.

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Resch GmbH

Resch GmbH

Glojach, Austria

Gerald Resch, CEO

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