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Stefano Scaglia, President, Scaglia INDEVA Nordic ABStefano Scaglia, President
The manufacturing industry has always been unevenly occupied, with some manufacturers dominating the sector due to their competitive disadvantages. The cost of doing business in regions like North America and Europe is higher when compared to APAC. Manufacturing costs and wastes can be reduced by adopting lean manufacturing practices. This practice is known to maximise operational productivity while minimising efforts and expenditure. Introduced first in the 1930s, lean manufacturing has now become mainstream, and many manufacturers are adopting this approach. A sought-after name in Europe’s manufacturing ecosystem and an expert in lean manufacturing is Scaglia INDEVA Nordic, a Sweden based company and a part of the Scaglia family.

INDEVA was founded as an important industrial group that now has expanded and diversified into a vast range of business interests around the world. The company houses a highly efficient sales and service network that meets customer’s demands in an affordable manner. INDEVA offers Liftronic®, a ground-breaking material handling system that allows loads up to 320kgs to be lifted easily. Scaglia INDEVA also holds ISO 9001:1994 Quality System Certification for its design, production and sales of material handling systems. The company is a world leader in the design and development of highly lucrative industry automation systems that improve ergonomics, safety, and lean manufacturing in production lines. INDEVA Nordic has partnerships with global blue-chip manufacturers across several sectors where innovative and resilient material handling solutions are needed.

The company has been supplying modular structures and components across the globe that justify its lean manufacturing approach.

INDEVA Lean System® consists of a wide range of products that enable the company’s clients to design and manufacture a variety of structures that compliments their operations. The system is easy to assemble and completely reusable, and lean in design. Users can utilise the system to design and build material handling and work assist structure that match their specific requisites and helps them reach their lean manufacturing goals.

Several industry giants across automotive, manufacturing, and mechanics have chosen Scaglia INDEVA Nordic as their corporate supplier of modular structures and equipment. Lean System® offers versatile features and ideal tools for companies looking to optimise their total business performance and profitability. Users can easily modify and re-use lean products such as steel tubes, connecting joints, brackets, roller tracks, abrasion-resistant plastic-coated steel pipes, and other accessories wherever they want and improve overall operational efficiency. INDEVA lean system combines lean manufacturing and Kaizen principles of zero-tolerance on waste production and continuous functional enhancement. Users and employ INDEVA Lean System® for various applications such as ergonomic workplaces, trolleys and carts, gravity conveyor systems, and flow tracks. A Spanish giant in the textile industry was looking for lean systems, and INDEVA Nordic offered it solutions and assisted them in deploying lean manufacturing.

  • Several industry giants across automotive, manufacturing, and mechanics have chosen Scaglia INDEVA Nordic as their corporate supplier of modular structures and equipment.

The client was a producer of non-woven fabrics and was looking for an industrial lifter for their production plants. INDEVA supplied its Liftronic series at thirty of the client’s workstations has served the client for over twenty years. INDEVA Nordic has served many such clients for decades and has a customer-centric reputation for its innovative lean solutions. Owing to its user-friendly and lean systems, the company has transformed the manufacturing sector in Europe and will soon become premier in the global manufacturing ecosystem as well.
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Scaglia INDEVA Nordic AB

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Stefano Scaglia, President

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