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Tim Murtaugh, CEO, Jay G. Tapp,, Smart PlasticTim Murtaugh, CEO, Jay G. Tapp,
Plastic, hailed as a wonder product, is ubiquitous as it epitomizes convenience, among other myriads of advantages. Yet, today, no discussion on sustainability goes without mentioning the detrimental impact of plastic on the environment with plastic waste literally everywhere. Even though it takes only minutes to make plastic, it’s difficult to break it down and can exist as litter for decades. Which brings up the tough question: plastics or no plastics? It is here that Smart Plastic Technologies adds a silver lining to all this doom and gloom by replacing plastics with “smart” plastics. Smart Plastic offers sustainable polymer additives as a substitute for the regular polymer constituents in plastics. “Our purpose of producing sustainable polymer additives is perfectly synchronized with the way the sustainability movement is changing this world today,” says Jay G. Tapp, COO of Smart Plastic.

Smart Plastic’s suite of sustainable polymer additives helps plastic manufacturers create “smart” plastic, a new generation of eco-friendly plastics. A vital requisite to be taken note of by the CPG companies seeking an environmentally friendly substitute for the tons of plastics used in packaging and the subsequent accumulation of plastic waste. Brand owners are showing their concern for the environment and health & wellness in trying to achieve sustainability goals, while marketing their products. Smart Plastic’s products enhance the quality, efficacy, and sophistication of the packaging material and support brand-specific needs. “Our sustainable polymer additives help brand owners execute on a meaningful sustainability initiative. Smart Plastic can help these brand owners and governments address the preservation of our environment and the health & wellness of individuals and society,” says Tapp.

To delve further into the different additives provided by Smart Plastic, Tapp discussed the nine branded formulations, which comprise Smart Plastic’s standard products suite.

These sophisticated additives provide functional performances that add capabilities and benefits to an existing polymer. Products include GARD anti-microbial, SERVO anti-fungal, X-EL odor eliminator, KONSERV oxygen scavenger, TRACER chain of custody, OYSTERLEAN bio-sourced calcium, and the flagship ECLIPSE bio-assimilation additive. Many other custom formulas are available including ‘Smart Stacks’ incorporating more than one additive solution.

Smart Plastic’s marquee product is branded “ECLIPSE” and has garnered global attention. Eclipse is the world’s first bio-assimilation additive and causes plastic to completely biodegrade naturally, similar to the leaf from a tree. Unlike any other plastic, which claims biodegradability, ECLIPSE achieves complete bio-assimilation culminating in absorption by living organisms. ECLIPSE leaves no plastic micro-filaments, works on both terrestrial and marine environments, anaerobic and aerobic, is 100 percent recyclable, is both FDA approved and ASTM compliant, and has a minimal cost impact on finished products. Smart Plastic has invested extensive time and expense into achieving independent scientific testing by leading international laboratories, which provide irrefutable proof of efficacy as claimed. Eclipse is designed for the polyolefins such as polyethylene and polypropylene.

Traditional plastic does not degrade rapidly after use and is a major contributor to global litter. ECLIPSE, or as Tapp likes to describe it, “the poster child of additives,” solves the fundamental problem for brand owners about the end of life of packaging once the product is used, by ensuring bio-assimilation.

An equally important additive in the area of supporting human health & wellness, GARD anti-microbial is a unique product, which can control dangerous organisms and pathogens such as E. coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Listeria and many others. GARD is bio-sourced, recyclable and FDA approved. The active ingredients used in GARD are EPA approved and certified by national and international organizations.

Smart Plastic is experiencing exponential growth offering both functional performance additives and converted finished products (containing the additives) to the plastics industry. Smart Plastic is collaborating with the largest plastic converters in the United States, to develop roll stock and finished products that contain Smart Plastic additives.

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Tim Murtaugh, CEO, Jay G. Tapp,

Smart Plastic Technologies aims to enhance the beneficial properties of plastic while dramatically and conclusively reducing its environmental impact. As a closely held private company, its immediate goal is to build a financially strong and profitable operation. However, the company's mission far exceeds that simple goal. Smart Plastic Technologies is fully dedicated (financially, emotionally and work commitment) to bring to the planet solutions for true sustainability