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Sustana: The New-Age Fiber: Recycled, Sustainable and Responsible

Renée Yardley, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, SustanaRenée Yardley, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing
Over the years, the definition of sustainability has evolved, and now customers are the driving force behind companies’ sustainability practices. Committing to environmental stewardship in product innovation and manufacturing processes will benefit the community, employees, and customers for generations to come.

Encapsulating this philosophy, Sustana is elevating the principle of sustainability to a core corporate level and assimilating it as an integral part of their everyday business practice. The leading manufacturer of sustainably produced premium recycled fiber and paper solutions is committed to sustainable manufacturing and being good stewards of valuable resources such as energy and water.

“As a trusted voice in sustainable fiber, paper and packaging manufacturing, we help customers, suppliers, investors, and other stakeholders achieve their sustainability goals. We apply the principle of stewardship to every point in the sustainability journey – from day-to-day operations to strategic direction setting,” states Renée Yardley, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, Sustana. S

ustana is comprised of two companies, Rolland Paper and Sustana Fiber, working together to provide premium recycled fiber and paper, using up to a 100 percent postconsumer material to create high-quality, low carbon footprint products. Rolland is the leading producer of sustainable papers and is an undisputed environmental steward. Sustana Fiber is a leading producer of FSC certified sustainable recycled fibers.

Their strict adherence to sustainable manufacturing pays attention to energy efficiency, water conservation, wastewater treatment technology, and recycling of process by-products. For instance, the manufacturing facility at Rolland sources 93 percent of its thermal energy needs from biogas by capturing methane gas from the local landfill. In addition, the closed-loop water and elemental chlorine-free bleaching processes make Rolland an established leader for the highest environmental standards and the smallest environmental footprint in North America.

Sustana Fiber’s highly automated proprietary processes efficiently turn recovered paper and aseptic and gable top packaging materials into high-quality, sustainable, recycled fiber for printing papers, tissue, and food packaging products compliant with FDA standards. Sustana Fiber’s Enviro line of specialty products featuring EnviroLife®, EnviroBright®, EnviroTouch™, and EnviroNatural™ are all geared toward sustainability standards with highly transparent manufacturing processes. It’s hero brand, EnviroLife®, is a 100 percent sustainable recycled fiber manufactured in North America compliant with FDA standards for food-grade packaging for use in direct food contact packaging.

“Our benchmark life cycle assessment (LCA) presents the cradle-to-grave profile demonstrating our environmental responsibility with a reduced carbon footprint. EnviroLife®, our recycled fiber compliant with FDA standards for use in direct food contact packaging at 100 percent inclusion, requires 9 times less water to produce than virgin fiber. The difference our processes and recycled fiber products make in mitigating climate change, water scarcity, and safeguarding biodiversity is significant and quantifiable,” says Renée.

The company is addressing the shift in focus from a linear to a circular economy. “We are working with many brands towards a circular economy as fiber sourcing and recovery is key components of our operations and long-term vision. To that end, we are also working with the brands to address the challenging supply chain logistics,” says Renée.

  • Sustana is elevating the principle of sustainability to a core corporate level and assimilating it as an integral part of their everyday business practice.

Sustana’s focus on the circular economy, helping other companies with their environmental stewardship, is evident in the Cup-to-Cup partnership project with Starbucks, along with three other supply chain partners. This successful collaboration demonstrates that used Starbucks cups could be recycled and turned into new cups. The project was successful in recycling more than 25 million old Starbucks cups into new ones, proving the potential of post-consumer recycling.

Taking their sustainable strategies forward, the company’s vision for the future is twofold. A sustainable development plan will be published in 2022 with specific environmental targets and, on the material side of the business, Sustana is focused on developing new sources of fiber to further contribute to the circular economy.

Sustainability is at the forefront of everything that Sustana does. The company’s focus on innovation, continuous improvement and transparency are key to contributing to the development of the circular economy.

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Quebec, Canada

Renée Yardley, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing

Sustana brings paper and fiber products full circle by delivering industry-leading quality built on a deep commitment to continuous improvement and environmental stewardship. Through a comprehensive portfolio of brands – Sustana Fiber and Rolland Paper – Sustana proudly provides innovative and sustainable recycled fiber and paper solutions for customers throughout North America, supporting the circular economy. Sustana is elevating the principle of sustainability to a core corporate level and assimilating it as an integral part of their everyday business practice.