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System Components, Inc.: Taking Made-to-Spec Engineering to the Next-Level

Eugen Gawreliuk, President, System Components, IncEugen Gawreliuk, President
The late 1800s saw the rise of the industrial revolution, built on the work of heavy-duty machines. With the turn of the century, mechanical advantage has helped human beings move the world forward—closing distances and increasing production. Everything from hydraulic pumps to printing presses, textile machinery, compressors, mixers, cranes, and winches machines played a significant part in pushing global industrialization. With the level of quality and complexity that the market demanded, it is no wonder that the power transmission gearing within such machines is an area that requires wide-ranging expertise. Today, many sought-after players in the mechanical power transmission field are either well-versed in the latest manufacturing techniques or have years of experience behind them. But rarely do they have both. System Components Inc. is a specialist in this field, with long sustained experience and knowledge of the latest manufacturing techniques. The company offers a select range of standard and custom-designed superior quality couplings for the manufacturing sector.

Established in 1967, System Components Inc. couples its experience with cutting-edge technology to manufacture superior quality gear couplings by leveraging state-of-the-art machinery and a highly skilled workforce. The company offers its varied engineering experience in technical and design assistance, quotations, and field support. Over the years, System Components Inc. has gained many long-term customers through its ability to custom modify and fabricate standard products or engineer products that meet specific application requirements. As System Components Inc.’s President Eugen Gawreliuk says, “Our reason for success as a company was and still is outstanding quality and super-fast delivery on specials. When a request for a special part is re-quested in the afternoon, the parts are most likely in production the next morning.”

Our reason for success as a company was and still is outstanding quality

System Components Inc. has been manufacturing couplings for non-automotive power transmission applications and is an expert in precision contract machining for nearly six decades now. The acute attention to detail and keen effort has enabled the company to deliver the highest accuracy and reliability that makes them worthy of their ISO certification. As a highly specialized boutique manufacturing team, System Components Inc. has four CMM machines, which can automatically measure the specifications. The measuring equipment is checked yearly and qualified. Incoming material is checked for accuracy, and the company has a roving inspector that double-checks the parts before they go out. Every operator is held responsible for the quality in their area. “We sup-port our clients in engineering. Sometimes they want to work on a new project, but they don’t know how to go about it, and sometimes they do designs that cannot be machined,” Gawreliuk adds.

System Components Inc. addresses these issues by working closely with their clients on accomplishing their goals. To this end, the company will first review clients’ drawings and come up with a proposal. They will subsequently confirm the machinability and proper torque value if it fits their plans. The project is accepted, provided it is feasible. In one such instance, a power plant in Holland, Michigan, had a driveline failure. They approached System components Inc., asking for a new driveline at 5 pm on a Friday. System components worked through the weekend and delivered the new electrically isolated driveline on Monday morning.

Needless to say, it is this kind of commitment to their clients, small or large, that has lead to the continued success of System Components Inc.—an effort that continues to be their driving force now and for the years to come. This is why all System Component customers, from small independent distributors to major OEMs, can count on receiving quality on-time products and services, every single time.

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System Components, Inc

System Components, Inc

South Haven, MI

Eugen Gawreliuk, President

System Components, Inc. features a select range of standard and custom-designedsuperior quality couplings that provide significant competitive advantages in power transmission applications