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The CHIRON Group: Towards Achieving Precision and Flexibility in the Manufacturing Domain

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Carsten Liske, CEO, The CHIRON GroupCarsten Liske, CEO
Although with the advent of CNC (computer numerical control) machining, the manufacturing industry today is witnessing more outstanding advancements and predicting immense potential for the future, manufacturers are yet to eliminate some of the major hurdles that they witness while producing workpieces. Adoption of CNC machining can be extremely expensive, and its repairing cost can be unimaginably high. Moreover, due to a lack of precision and flexibility, sometimes catering to the consumers’ unique requirements becomes almost impossible. And if this is not all, users handling this technology often experience a significant dearth of proper training, making it cumbersome for them to contribute assistance in the manufacturing process, which eventually leads to uncorrectable errors. Based out of Germany, the CHIRON Group acknowledges these hurdles and shoulders the responsibility of eliminating them with the help of its wide array of turnkey manufacturing solutions and CNC controlled machine tools. The company’s machining center that is controlled by its CNC, high-speed manufacturing becomes a reality and complex tasks such as milling, turning drilling, reaming sawing, countersinking, and thread-cutting are accomplished easily and quickly. Designed and produced in Germany, these flexible CNC machine tools are highly equipped to be configured based on the unique requirements of customers. They, therefore, are capable of providing accurate and satisfactory outcomes.

A perfect amalgamation of the most basic necessities in production such as high manufacturing quality, low unit costs, flexibility and short order processing time, CHIRON’s completely automated CNC machining center enables customers to make optimal process a reality.

Moreover, specializing in CNC-controlled, vertical milling, and milling-turning machining centers, CHIRON guarantees high precision as well as efficiency.

With the company’s turnkey solutions in place, customers can grasp a comprehensive idea as to how they can manufacture different components quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively beforehand as team CHIRON develops the entire manufacturing process for its customers to provide them with full cost transparency. What makes the company a highly reliable partner is its engineers’ ability to implement economical solution that meets the specific needs of the customers.

However, this is not where the company’s offerings end. Team CHIRON also acknowledges the absence of training among the users and accordingly eliminates this lack by offering a comprehensive program of qualification measures, training courses and courses for fitters, operators, and maintenance staff. This implies that once collaborated with the CHIRON Group, customers can also develop themselves to be high-self sufficient and reliant while manufacturing workpieces. Providing knowledge on a wide variety of subjects such as service and maintenance, component, programming, robot and custom, these courses and training programs ensure that the user is highly qualified to utilize the solutions effectively and contribute to their organizations' success.

  • once collaborated with the CHIRON Group, customers can also develop themselves to be high-self sufficient and reliant while manufacturing workpieces.

With an impressive presence across the globe, the company maintains production and development locations, commercial agencies as well as sales and service branches to serve a multitude of customers. Its customer sector primarily includes the automotive, medicine and precision engineerin, mechanical engineering, tool production and aerospace industry. Owing to such successful partnerships, the company has also been able to export two-thirds of its machines and solutions.

Not resting on its achievements, the CHIRON Group will continue to further its goal of developing and manufacturing automated vertical machining centers to perform the machining tasks for complex workpieces at a meager cost. Along with helping its customers optimise the life cycle costs, the company will make sure that their production runs smoothly. Following an open as well as dynamic corporate culture, the company will enhance its offerings ceaselessly whenever needed in order to provide a more extraordinary customer experience.

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The CHIRON Group

The CHIRON Group

Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Carsten Liske, CEO

The CHIRON Group, is a global company specializing in CNC vertical milling and mill-turn machining centers, as well as turnkey manufacturing solutions. The Group has a global presence, with production and development sites, sales and service subsidiaries, and sales agencies worldwide. Its team specializes in CNC-controlled, vertical milling, and milling-turning machining centers, and guarantees high precision as well as efficiency. Designed and produced in Germany, its flexible CNC machine tools can be configured based on the unique requirements of customers. The company’s customer sectors are the automotive, mechanical engineering, medicine and precision engineering, aerospace industries and tool production