3 Trends in Modern Metallurgy

3 Trends in Modern Metallurgy

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, October 16, 2020

The availability of technologies and the implementation of new green projects are the driving forces for global metallurgy development nowadays.

FREMONT, CA: Metallurgy is an area concerned with extracting minerals from raw materials and developing, producing, and using mineral materials. Metallurgy is not an old-fashioned sector because it keeps up with other sectors in following the megatrends. Process innovations are presently a determining factor that fuels the competitive ability of metallurgy. Here are the current trends in the segment and things that allow firms to prepare for the market's upcoming trends.

Top 10 Metal Manufacturing Consulting/Service Companies - 2019• Green Production

It is no longer necessary to prove the need for transferring to the green production of metal, which is called out to make the manufacturing process more sustainable and environmentally friendly. There are different directions to pursue in this area. The first is switching from carbon to hydrogen, the most environmentally friendly step. Carbon-reducing agents are replaced with hydrogen in many ways. With this, carbon dioxide emissions will be near zero, and the by-products will be processed, and the processes will be realized with maximum energy efficiency.

• Reduction of Iron

The direct reduction of semi-finished products to manufacture steel from high-ferrous raw materials, using special technologies, is the second direction towards green. Such direct iron is the major material to produce electric steel and is leveraged to replace scrap and other iron-containing components. This technology has been created for more than 30 years. Its efficiency has been proven, but this technology requires the availability of highly clean ore materials, iron-containing raw materials with high Fe content and low content of impurities, or the availability of vast generating capacities.

• Electric Steel Making Process

In modern steelmaking technologies, the basic oxygen furnace (BOF) and electric steelmaking processes are the keys. This is related to the green ecology to a large extent. Both the BOF and electric furnace need additional equipment, while everything can be made in one machine if speaking about the OHF. Nevertheless, the OHF manufacturing process is more expensive in terms of necessary energy resources and environmental impacts. Natural gas is used here, which results in large emissions into the atmosphere.

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