6 Trends in the Wire and Cable Industry

6 Trends in the Wire and Cable Industry

Laura Davis, Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, March 29, 2021

Wire and cable customization services enable manufacturers to offer customized products for customer’s applications, saving money, space, and time.

Fremont, CA: Nonferrous wire, telecom wire, and fiber optic cable, which are developed and distributed by wire and cable manufacturing industry, are essential in consumer goods, utilities, constructions, and constructions. With the growth in this industry and the changing market trends, it has the chance to increase and improve various crucial operations.

Here are six market growth trends in the wire and cable industry

Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic cables industry is expected to grow at an AGR of 20.3 percent by this year, which is mostly credited to the growing demand among end-users in communications and telecommunications applications.

Green Initiatives

Today, people are leaning towards environmental protection and sustainability to reduce the emission of harmful chemicals and increase the use of natural and recycled products. This has led to consumer’s growing demand for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Factory Automation Cables

With the implementation of Industry 4.0 technology, the adoption and installation of complex equipment and systems have seen a continued increase. These products must use durable and reliable components such as cables because of the challenging and changing environment. The cables need to withstand stress like abrasion, bending, and fast operating speeds.

Fast-Charging Cables

Modern smartphone technology incorporates the fast charging factors that entail the use of fast charging cables. Consumers can reduce charging times using these cables, which is an element that helps smartphone manufacturers offload phones to new customers.

Customized Products

Wire and cable customization services enable manufacturers to offer customized products of customer’s applications, which helps save money, space, and time. And as such, custom wire, harnesses and cable have become customers’ preference.

Fire-resistant Cables

Fire-resistant cables prevent the spread of fire and the release of toxic gas. And as the construction industry grows, fire-resistant cables will soon find growing use in the new commercial, manufacturing, and large residential buildings.

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