AI drives the future of IoT

AI drives the future of IoT

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) has made human life easier than ever. With advanced features and continuous attempts to automate the world, IoT has revolutionized the concepts of connective sciences and sensor technology. While IoT is process-oriented, Artificial Intelligence (AI) drives IoT processes by employing cognitive machine techniques. As the name suggests, AI is more a human imitation in terms of skills, decision-making ability, and more such qualities, which resemble human intelligence. Making machines intuitive, AI is instrumental in discovering and rediscovering intelligent IoT.

AI is an applied science and a branch of engineering which makes machines reliably sensible. While IoT delivers result-driven and impactful solutions to the industrial world, AI enhances the essence of IoT by adding value to the IoT implications. AI-based intelligent machines play a significant role in pre-IoT scenarios: machine cognition helps in not only collecting vast amounts of business data but also in structuring, organizing and prioritizing mission-critical data. Exclusive human-like decision-making analytics cater to the requirements of making the right choice.


AI-driven processes promote machine memory in terms of remembering the use cases and recalling them during the time of solving similar cases to progress faster. Fueling IoT processes with accuracy, AI effectively monitors the data and by applying pattern matching techniques, this technology checks for unusual or incorrect matches to reduce or eliminate errors. Also, AI satisfies the need for achieving cybersecurity, one of the most significant concerns, by detecting anomalies and abnormal or suspicious activities. Further backing it up with automation, proactive intervention and predictive analysis, AI enriches the benefits obtained from IoT.

Researchers have been forecasting the facts and advantages involved in the use of connected and collaborative technologies. Using IoT with applied AI conceptualization has hiked the standards of this technology. Technology is sure to add more to it in the coming days.                             

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