Augmented Reality: A Technological Benefit to the Industrial...

Augmented Reality: A Technological Benefit to the Industrial Maintenance

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, February 14, 2019

Augmented Reality: A Technological Benefit to the Industrial MaintenanceTechnology is ever growing digital world where virtual breathes life with innovations and applications. To bring such achievement, the ideas are augmented seamlessly into the physical world. Reality is given a new face where it can help the manufacturing industry work more comfortable and on cost-saving budgets with advantages of increased profits, reducing labor errors and resource, increased production and compliance. Maintaining the quality of product and performance is a must for the manufacturing industry, and AR (Augmented Reality) is a benefit added in the company.

The AR technology used is not only limited to manufacturing industry only, and it has its use in applications for smart IoT devices and networks which enhances the experience in layers of information, texts, pictures and images on top of its view. This experience creates a whole new dimension in using the augmented technology in apps like Layar (places and site app) or Pokemon Go (game app).

The usage of AR maintenance application has given scope for increase in productivity by 34-35% to the wiring technicians. Companies like DAQRI, UpSkill, and  Worklink, are paying attention to the need for the development of AR application which provides impactful maintaining services for their work and profits. With such growing popularity, AR technology is going to be the focus for future upgrade with added new features in manufacturing industries.

Few AR/VR Tech Companies ( VR GlobalHashplay , Jujotech )

The difference between AR and VR (Virtual Reality)

There is a lot of confusion in addressing AR and VR, but in reality, the two terms have a difference in them and usage. AR which enhances the information and data stored in IoT devices or any software to be viewed in enlarged images. On the contrary, VR (Virtual Reality) creates an environment where imagination meets technology which can be seen in any direction making you feel that you live in it.

The features that provide the companies to add AR as a benefit to their companies is it gives error free work and modifications, efficient task time for drive workers and new employee training and plans using Skylight, which is the source of GE Renewable Energy. AR helps the companies grow their assets and give profits to the economy of industrial maintenance on large scale of consumer and business spaces.

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