Digital transformation trends in manufacturing

Digital transformation trends in manufacturing

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Saturday, December 15, 2018

Like the industrial revolution impacted manufacturing, now digitalization is revolutionizing manufacturing industry. Industrial revolution bought mass production but the digital transformation is bringing customized production, also at a rapid pace. Consumer demands and the advent of connected devices is driving the digitization process.

For manufacturing companies, it has become important to constantly redesign and redefine the manufacturing process with the use of technologies to sustain in the market. The industry is adopting artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning etc.

Below are the major digital transformation trends happening in the manufacturing industry.

* IoT industry: IoT can send real-time feedback and alerts to manufacturers of defect or damaged goods. These implementations reduce cost and waste.

* AI and machine learning: The advanced algorithms of AI is transforming the way the manufacturing industry collects information, performs skilled labor, and predicts consumer behavior.

* Robots:  The cognitive power of robots make them more useful in industries like manufacturing. Trainable and collaborative robots are providing a safer work environment for humans. Dangerous and unsuitable tasks can be assigned to them instead of humans. They increase efficiency and reduce delays.

* Data and analytics:  Big data analytics has become complex and more time consuming making it tedious to handle product and customer data. Digital technologies like cloud computing, flash storage etc are making this analytics easier.

The examples of this digitization include the following,

* Stock management: Stock management is one of the challenging issues of the manufacturing sector. The companies are automating the process to overcome this issue by reducing the loading and unloading time of materials and providing traceability. RFID and barcodes are used for this.

* Customer relationship management: Digitization aids in customer relationship management also. With which organizations can have value-added conversations with customers. This also enables sending auto email alerts to customers.

So digitizing the manufacturing industry means lower cost of production, quicker turnarounds, and more efficiently meeting customer demand.

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