Future Proofing Business with Intentional Technology

Future Proofing Business with Intentional Technology

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Today's business environment demands new services and capabilities than ever before. Shifts in the business model and evolving technology are changing the landscape across the industries. Such rapid digital transformation requires an intentional design for optimization. This intentional technology will enable improved business functions and allow the organization to adopt new capabilities. It accomplishes the core computing platform, the infrastructure, configuration of applications and many more. The word intentional emphasizes the importance of acting on purpose with clarity, blending intellectual and emotional intelligence to create an output of advantages. The considerations in the pathway to an intentional design are

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1. Investment portfolio decision making: An investment strategy allows knowing the architecture, that is, what you want to have to control over and how it drives costs. With intentional designs, projects are funded to achieve an outcome.

2. The Cloud for Business Phones: Setting up a cloud-based business phone is faster than conventional systems. Protection from power outages is possible as the controller for the systems lives in a data center.

3. Consider flexible technology platforms: The technology should allow adapting to an evolving business environment. That will allow crafting an entirely new business model that would challenge the traditional models. Sustaining transformation in technology includes

• strategy- designing an approach to identify and demonstrate success early on
• discovery- Focusing on measurable value, both qualitative and quantitative to amount the efforts.
• delivery- agile approach to execution.
• operations- driving sustainable results.

The advantages of having an intentional design are

• Strong consumer trust
• Ensure appealing to the right market
• Broaden the business
• Capitalize on trends
• Producing leadership competencies
• Integrates thoughts and action

Being future proof can help building capabilities designed to be adaptable and responsive to change. Intentionally designing and governing the business model will enable building technology capabilities, driving results well into the future.

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