How Advanced Machines are Benefitting the Manufacturing Industry

How Advanced Machines are Benefitting the Manufacturing Industry

Laura Davis, Manufacturing Technology Insights | Thursday, March 10, 2022

The manufacturing industry wants to reduce their downtime and make their CNC machine tools efficient with various technologies for tooling, metrology, and machining.

FREMONT, CA: The manufacturing industry can improve their productivity considerably by applying some of the cost-cutting, productivity-boosting, and time-saving technologies to conduct their business. Here are some of the best techniques that the manufacturing sector can utilize to enhance their productivity. 

Machine Probing

The latest machine tools and probing systems can effortlessly measure the features within an hour by opening the door for the unattended machines. Probes also help set up the tools swiftly without any tramming or edge finders. Moreover, the device is particularly beneficial as it helps to assist the surge of tool destruction that happens while the drill breaks in the machining procedure. 

Top 10 Metal Working Solution Companies - 2019Offline Tool Presetting

By checking the investment calculator's return on the website of any significant presetter’s brand, one will realize that the payback only takes months, even for the shop that has set up a few jobs per week. The type of tools that has to be chosen for the shop relies on the number of machines, hourly rate, tool changes, and production hours. However, making use of the machining center or CNC lathe to touch off the tools can be a waste of time. 

Quick-Change Tooling

The OEE has immense room for improvement. Job changeover can become quick and efficient with the help of machining centers, EDM equipment, and zero-point work holding systems. The machine downtime can also be decreased with quick-change stick tools, rotary tool holders, and cutting-tool side. These tools diminish the issue of bending over while examining the tools or during digging in the chip pan. 

However, the automation system is not only limited to the environment where high-volume production is conducted. Robots have already started to make their way into both large and small shops for applying glue and paints, filling boxes, tending machine tools, and debarring parts. 

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