How Industrial IoT Solutions Influence Manufacturing?

How Industrial IoT Solutions Influence Manufacturing?

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, January 06, 2020

IoT solutions are playing a vital role in transforming the industry by improving productivity and reducing manufacturing costs.

FREMONT, CA: The industrial IoT is playing a pivotal role in the transformation of the manufacturing industry. Industrial IoT can easily manage the data from machines and transform the processes and systems of the new age manufacturing environment.

Here are three ways in which IIoT solutions are influencing the manufacturing sector.

1. Real-time Performance Monitoring

In order to understand how equipment is performing and where to make improvements, manufacturers need to monitor lines, processes, and facilities. IIoT solutions is providing greater transparency with real-time monitoring capabilities onto the factory floor and helping operations managers identify, prioritize, and respond to issues as they happen.

2. Predictive Maintenance

Manufacturers anticipate and resolve potential issues before they happen with the help of predictive and prescriptive maintenance. IIoT solutions save them from unnecessary repair costs and downtime and also give manufacturers better control of their production environments. By performing maintenance based on requirement, rather than on schedules, manufacturing equipments can get longer life spans.

3. AR-based Training and Work Instructions

The manufacturing sector is losing expertise at a high rate. Due to the complexity of custom products onboarding and training processes are getting lengthier. Organizations should find different ways to solve the skill crisis. With the help of AR manufacturers can easily scale expertise to existing workers of all skill levels. AR with real-time data can also provide service technicians with better visibility into the production of equipment.

IIoT has got a lot of potential to make the industry much better and operate with optimal effectiveness. IIoT is changing the manufacturing businesses along with the way they operate.  Automated tools including CNC, sensors & devices create the mass of data which can be analyzed and typical use case of IoT.

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