Kebotix Takes Materials Research to New Heights

Kebotix Takes Materials Research to New Heights

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, November 30, 2018

AI is a significant development in technology today and allows the analysis of data more efficiently and effectively. Robotics is the brainchild of AI software that enables the creation of intelligent robots to make operations faster and more effective. AI-powered technology is used in every field of scientific development and business growth to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the workforces. Kebotix is one such enterprise that works towards improving the tests on novel compounds, creating new chemical materials, and help fight pollution.

The Cambridge, Massachusetts based laboratory of Kebotix aims to create a robot that analyzes novel compounds and create new materials. Kebotix works towards developing methodologies of using machine learning and robotics to revolutionize materials science, in the future. The lab aspires to find new compounds that could help absorb and reduce pollution, act as a countermeasure for drug-resistant fungal infections, and also serve as efficient optoelectronic components. The software algorithms are used to make new chemical materials in a faster and effective manner. This new startup for AI and robotics development was founded by researchers from the Harvard Lab of Alan Aspuru-Guzik and is based at present at MIT’s VC firm The Engine. Kebotix is credited for using several ML methods to design novel compounds. This software feeds the molecular models of compounds with the desired properties and converts into a type of neural network, which then learns the statistical representation of the new features. Kebotix also runs robotic system tests on the remaining chemical structures. The outcome of these tests is then fed back into the ML pipeline to obtain the desired chemical properties, thus giving rise to new chemical compounds.

The innovative approach towards improving and enhancing the power of robotics into promoting more significant discoveries in the field of material sciences and its efforts towards pollution-control has rewarded Kebotix with a recent in seed funding of $5 million. Kebotix has excellent potential as already sensed by the MIT’s chemical engineering department professor Klavs Jensen as he says that automation, already commonplace in the pharmaceutical industry, will become increasingly crucial in materials research.

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