Methods for Enhancing Cyber Security in Smart Manufacturing

Methods for Enhancing Cyber Security in Smart Manufacturing

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Monday, December 24, 2018

Smart manufacturing is the new trend in manufacturing industry allowing production lines to respond to real-time developments enhancing the sector’s efficiency. Smart tools make the sector productive but also vulnerable to cyber crimes. Interconnected devices open multiple terminals for hackers to attack the central system and gain control over it or conduct data theft. To mitigate such cyber attacks organizations can follow the following measures.

Bring Biometric to Role

Passwords are no longer secure to keep hackers away; instead, manufacturers can choose biometric data for system access. Fingerprints, retina scan and other biometrics which are nearly impossible to fake and also restrict user access to minimal provide robust security against cybercrime. Also, restricted user access will make the system less vulnerable to attacks.

Continuous Monitoring

To deal with security breaches manufacturers must create a detailed data flow plan which should be updated regularly. Continuous monitoring of this system is required and timely patching up of security holes. A robust security response plan needs to be created to deal with the scenario of a security breach in such that the system is able to recover the earliest possible with minimal data loss. More frequently attacked areas should be provided with an extra layer of security.

Updating Security

Creating robust security is not just enough but also its timely update is equally important. Hackers develop improvise methodologies for attacks and a similar approach is required from manufacturers as well. They should keep updating their security software whenever a new update is realized. The software update is a vital process to deal with security breaches and any reluctance it this would lead to attacks. Organizations should keep looking for new security software solutions and gadgets which could enhance their cybersecurity and incorporate them into the system immediately.

Built-in Security Devices

Manufacturers of IoT devices have started to provide inbuilt security which makes the devices less vulnerable to cyber attacks. Using such devices in the system adds an extra layer of the security. Also, these devices are much convenient to use then patching traditional security layers.

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