PIR1680PT and its Room-Temp Alert to Escape Severe Damage

PIR1680PT and its Room-Temp Alert to Escape Severe Damage

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Deployment of proper security in an office building has always been a concern to the companies. The lack of proper security measures hampers the smooth running of any institution. The advent of technologies has introduced drastic change to the conventional notions of security of an office building leveraging advanced network-based products. The optimized HVAC system managed electricity reduction, and upgraded security equipment contribute a lot to the formation of a smart office building.

NAPCO Security Technologies is a reliable provider of advanced security technology and high-quality security solutions. Some of the crucial solutions of this company include Gemini and new F64-Series hardwire or wireless intrusion systems, iSee Video internet video solutions, Trilogy standalone electronic PIN or Prox access locks, CardAccess enterprise-class integrated access and security systems, and Marks USA’s i-Que lock. Companies across the world rely on these products to enjoy better security of their building.

The company recently made an important announcement that the Austin Independent School District corporate office will use its products in its new project. The Austin ISD corporate office has decided to shift in nine stories new building of, 140,000 square feet, and NAPCO has been appointed to ensure the security of the building leveraging the collaboration of Continental Access division products and NAPCO intrusion alarm products. Its CA4K Enterprise Software Platform is easy to deploy and maintain and includes wireless locking, alarm monitoring, and IP video. Austin ISD protects almost 84,000 students from 125 schools implementing NAPCO’s solutions, and this relationship has now been stretched to the corporate office of Austin ISD.

School security initiative is intended to provide long-time security solutions to K-12 schools, colleges, and universities and the mass shooting and violence problems can be addressed through its state-of-the-art security solutions across the U.S. The Adaptive Dual Microwave or PIR detectors from NAPCO adjust themselves to the environment automatically. PIR1680PT can report temperature extreme and helps in escaping severe damage through its Room-Temp Alert. To conclude, leveraging solutions from NAPCO, the new Austin ISD corporate office will enjoy advanced and better security.

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