Predictive Analytics Opens Doors for a Safer Manufacturing!

Predictive Analytics Opens Doors for a Safer Manufacturing!

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Predictive AnalyticsFREMONT, CA: Data analytics is all set to play a crucial role in the manufacturing sector. Safety evaluation is among the most critical applications of predictive analytics in manufacturing industries, and safety professionals are adopting it to enhance the security privileges and safety programs of their companies. Previously, the safety programs mostly depended on manual evaluation of the work environment, which left a lot to be desired. Data analytics is a much more powerful tool that can bring about improvements.

After an incident occurs, one must determine the root cause immediately. This analysis helps in predicting such mishaps in the future. Predictive analysis software can help create potential risk scenarios and point out risk factors, thereby reducing the chance of their occurrence once again. Hence, scenario modelling is possible with the help of predictive analytics. Predictive analytics also helps in monitoring equipment in real time. The system can detect potential breakdowns, and machinery can be fixed at once without lags or delays, making use of predictive maintenance conceptualizations.

In the chemical manufacturing industry, production often involves toxic chemical reactions. Manufacturing units must have all the safety controls to avoid any possible hazards. Predictive analytics can act automatically to adjust parameters to make the response potentially safer. Anomaly detection is an integral part of these systems, and they can carry out the process much better than a human being.

Natural disasters can create havoc on industries and might even cause them to shut down for really long. Predictive analytics can make use of past data to predict trends in the occurrence of natural disasters. Although the accuracy of the predictions will not be very high, this works well for manufacturing industries that prefer being on the safe side.

Monitoring with the help of technology-enabled wearables can assist in the process of predictive analysis. Through smart wearables, management can track various aspects related to the workers and use this information to do predictive analysis. By studying the pattern in the data, companies can effectively reduce the chances of health risk and safety of individual workers.

All in all, predictive analytics plays a crucial role in making the manufacturing environment safer and conducive for workers.

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