Predictive Trends to Lead the Path of Manufacturing Platforms

Predictive Trends to Lead the Path of Manufacturing Platforms

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Technological ameliorations have redefined the workflow of industries. A rapid increase in the embracement of technologies has been observed that have in the manufacturing industry. IoT and artificial intelligence have started to dominate the sector’s decision making, rejig the assembly line functions and improved plant maintenance. It also led to the emergence of a new term known as the internet of goods which is associated with new platforms in the manufacturing industry. It allows the manufacturers to distribute production process thus reducing the effects of economic buzz.

Predictions are being made that new manufacturing platform—that enable customers to place orders online for any goods that they want to get manufactured—will lead to the growth of manufacturing industry because of the following in the proximate future.

Machine learning can aid in improving manufacturing algorithms. Experience of many platforms will provide essential information for future innovations.

• Improved algorithms will lead to improvement in the efficiency of designing products. Immediate feedbacks such as feasibility, estimated cost, and market potential will help designers in making a prototype. After prototypes are approved products can directly proceed for manufacturing.

• Globalization of local start-ups will be observed. Understanding and fulfilling the requirements of the algorithm will leverage them to get global orders and become a part of the global marketplace.

Altogether, customers and producers will be benefitted with the customized product development and certainly will boost the manufacturing landscape. Other predictions that would lead to the advancement of the sector are-

• AI solutions to go Ubiquitous: AI is driving the automation in the sector. It already has enabled manufacturers to make data-driven strategies but it has more to do than this. AI enabled bots will serve as assistants at the assembly line and administrative departments. Machine learning, AI’s sub will lead the path to complete automation of assembly line and plant maintenance with help of AR and VR as well. Each process will witness the presence of AI.

• Pre-designed pick-and-place robots will trend, that will be designed to perform various industry task with maximum efficiency. Such an approach will speed up the process and robot deployment will become easier resulting in higher productivity and convenient adaptability.

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