Pulse Electronics Unveils New JXR8 Series Ethernet Connector Module

Pulse Electronics Unveils New JXR8 Series Ethernet Connector Module

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Friday, February 08, 2019

Pulse Electronics’ Networking Business Unit— who recently launched their JXR8 series of 1x2 PIP—pin-in-paste—tab down Ethernet Connector Module— is one of the leading suppliers of electronic networking and communication components. Industrial network relies on the data being transmitted and received with consistency and clarity without noise or perturbations on the signals. It is crucial for networking interface of devices to be integrated with adequate isolation levels as it directly impacts the ruggedness of the network. To meet the aforesaid, Pulse Electronics’ came up with new JXR8 PIP series that is capable to deliver the safety isolation and noise reduction in a single solution.

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PIP Technology—a reflow soldering technology that eliminates separate steps from soldering SMT, THT and other components to PCB—has been utilized in manufacturing the JXR8 series. The technology not just reduces a step in manufacturing but also allows compact design for Ethernet module providing an easy layout for PCB designs. Using PIP enabled Pulse Electronics to inject higher reliability and robust solder connection in the new JXR8, saving both time and cost.

“At present industries require high-quality connectivity to burgeon and the key to achieving the same is providing most efficient components enabling seamless data sharing across each node in the network, from field-level instruments to enterprise level systems.” mentioned Jonas Miller, Worldwide Marketing Manager for Pulse Electronics’ Networking Business Unit.

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Apart from PIP soldering, the JXR8 includes some key features and benefits such as its designs meet IEEE802.3u (100BASE-TX) and 802.3ab (1000BASE-T) standards with the capability to operate Between -40-degree centigrade to +85 degree centigrade. Ethernet Module is also suitable for CAT3, CAT5 UTP and higher with a compact form factor that optimizes the board space, enabling compatibility with all major PHY manufacturers.

Various applications of JXR8 that Pulse Electronics states are-

• It enables Industrial automation with a process or remote control and monitoring
• Rugged communication networks and power over Ethernet
• Touch screen display & panels
• Security & image processing
• Access control

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