Securing Cloud-Based Applications with IoT and AI

Securing Cloud-Based Applications with IoT and AI

Manufacturing Technology Insights | Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Today, no industry is untouched from cloud computing. Technologies like the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, software as a service (SaaS) and many more, are often integrated with the cloud for delivering ease of accessibility. However, systems and services including cloud storage are most vulnerable to cyber attacks. As a remedy, technologists have come up with unique and creative ideas to introduce end-to-end security in cloud computing applications.

As the majority of the business rely on video for surveillance, safeguarding video data becomes critical.  While it will be imprudent to store this video data on on-premise storage devices, cloud becomes a go-to option. Researchers are focused on ensuring quick and safe transfer of video data.      

Coupling AI with cloud computing, industries can attain unparalleled Cloud security. Streamlining AI –driven techniques with cloud data at an enterprise level, high-tech security mechanisms can be designed, and they further enable intelligent decision-making. AI technology is specialized in identifying and handling anomalies and other suspicious acts, thereby safeguarding the information in the cloud. AI-based cloud storage methods offer substantial benefits to the users including creating secured and enhanced user experiences, attending the ongoing process’s shortcomings and continuously checking and blocking malicious operations.

Amidst multiple technologies which have emerged, IoT remains ground-breaking. It is due to its power of employing connective sciences and transforming any manual process into an automated one using sensor technology, point of scale (POS) and more, that IoT has revolutionized the software and the business industries. IoT compliant cloud computing applications add cybersecurity insights which help in securing the use of cloud storage applications.

Video data modulation, AI and IoT have proved to offer reliable cloud security services. A constructive blend of these latest technologies would make way for achieving advanced mission-critical and security goals.       

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