The Robots are the New Surgeons

The Robots are the New Surgeons

By Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, February 06, 2019

robots are the new surgeonsThe medical industry is putting on automation to make hospitals worthy with surgical robots that can take advantage of the competition and cure patients in less time with less money. Today surgical robots are making things possible that the industry didn’t even think some years ago. Following are some of the developments with the robotic surgeons:

The PRECEYES Surgical System: The University of Oxford conducted a trial of PRECEYES Surgical system. The test was done on twelve patients. Some of them needed membranes removed from their eyes and some had a blood accumulated underneath the retina due to age-related macular degeneration. Half of the patients were operated by conventional procedures and the rest received robotic surgeries. The robotic surgeries were as successful as the manual ones sometimes even more effective. 

The CorPath System: Local hospitals in remote areas don’t get access to urgent medical care easily. Shortage of skilled surgeons is one of the reasons. The problem can be solved with the combination of robotics and virtual reality (VR) which can help surgeons to prepare.

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The Monarch Platform: This surgical robot is developed by Auris Health Inc. Its a surgical robotics platform, which incorporates flexible robotics, micro-instrumentation, data science, and other technologies for therapeutic and diagnostic bronchoscopic procedures. The platform can enhance the capabilities of physicians and improve the clinical outcomes of patients. The Monarch integrates endoscopes, instruments, navigation, and robotics into a single platform.

The Make Rio: The Make Rio has received the first robot approved for knee surgeries. It makes a 3D model of the procedure based on the CT scan and provides real-time feedback. The 3D modeling component allows surgeons to plan each stage of the surgery before it happens. This helps surgeons to review approaches in different ways.

The Versius: The Versius performs laparoscopic surgeries, which is known by keyhole procedures. Even with the advent of robots in surgery humans are always guiding the surgical robots and specifying what actions they take.

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