4 Essential Components that Contribute to Motion Control Systems

4 Essential Components that Contribute to Motion Control Systems

Laura Davis, Manufacturing Technology Insights | Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Motion control systems are widely used throughout the manufacturing industry as it helps gain efficiency and improve productivity.

FREMONT, CA: Motion control systems are one of the most important tools for most industries. Understanding each motion control component is a very critical aspect of motion control training. There are around four main important motion control elements. They are motion controller, drive, motor, and feedback device.

Motion controller

Motion controllers are known to be the brains of motion control systems. They perform and calculate the commands that guide a machine's function. Also, they can adjust the management to meet the necessary system outputs. The organization can choose motion controllers based on the number of axes, resolution, and the motion supported.

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Drives send the amount of current and voltage needed to the rest of the motion control system. Also, Drives receive the data from the motion controller and send it to the motor. There are six types of drives—digital, analog, linear, switching, stepper, and servo. Each drive has a different functioning and ability.


Motors are known as the muscle of motion control systems. They first convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy and then produce the torque needed to move to the target position. The motion control motors are either AC or DC. AC motors are more adaptable than DC motors. They have a flexible torque limit, controlled speedup, and lesser power line interruptions. On the other hand, DC motors are more basic and straightforward to use. They can easily be installed and have a high starting energy, but they can be more expensive in the long run for high power units.

Feedback device

Feedback devices allow feedback for motion controllers to make adjustments to offer the required output. It's very critical to understand feedback devices in closed-loop systems. Encoders are the most popular feedback device, providing data on position, velocity, and direction to the motion controller.

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